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The Eye by PatchKun
The Eye
I think I have a problem with drawing eyes.
Beta Blue by PatchKun
Beta Blue
So Teen Wolf is back in full swing and well, I do love that beta blue <3
A bullet between the eyes can mean anything.
It can mean protecting the people or hurting the people.
It can be the means to avenge or to destroy.

It can mean an end to your pain.
But know that it'll be the last thing you'll ever know.
You'll know of the ringing in your ear when you pull trigger,
of the barrel of the gun pressed against your head,
and you'll know of the trigger against the tip of your finger until...
all you know is nothing.

While everyone who you love and loves you will only know sorrow.
They'll know of a face they can barely recognize,
of the gun held in your hand and the blood on the floor.
They'll know that they will never see you again.

A bullet between the eyes can mean anything.
But it all comes down to a life no longer being lived.
The word fleischer means ‘butcher’ in German. The word butcher, if looked up in the Oxford Dictionary, has many definitions. My favorite ones are a person who slaughters or cuts up animals for food and a person who has killed or has people killed indiscriminately or brutality. Butchers aren’t really something people in today’s society think about it. A butcher is something one reads about in a book, a very old book, or maybe you’ve heard of one in a very old town, never in a city though, full of people and other sorts of things. That’s just silly and unheard of.
The Game of a Patient Man
There's a killer on the lose and the FBI is stumped.
It's going to happen
I can feel it in the pit of my stomach
It makes me tremble
It makes my cringe
Bad things will happen
To me or to you
And when it does I won't know what to do
We will only be able to watch
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Hush, Hush
United States
I'm just a kid. Not all to important or anything like that. I got problems like any other kid but I prefer to help other people with their problems rather than my own. Oh, and I like puppies. =3

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DeciVantage Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013   Filmographer
You're a weird one. Not in a bad way ^^ It's just no one's commented on your page. It makes me feel special that my comment is the first one. Of course unless you delete people's comments. I read your Nameless! and I also noticed that you said you like to help other people with their problems. I just want to say it's easier to help others if you're healthier so lighten up your mood soldier and go out there and start helping people! I will be sure to do the same. Oh and thanks for liking my drawing
PatchKun Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
(/O_O)/ You just made my day! =D You are the first to comment xD but it's all good on my end. ^^ I'll be sure to lighten up on my mood! owo/ It's always good to be in a good mood and you're welcome. ^^ You have a lot of really good drawings, keep up on the good work.
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